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Roller derby rocks! - 04:05 PM
(filed under 'general')

Today I went to a fresh meat intake of roller derby on the north side of Brisbane. Oh, my goodness. It was such fun!

After signing on, getting numbers safety-pinned to our backs, and sitting down for an information session, more than 30 new girls (fresh meat) went out to skate and be observed by some members of the derby team.

We skated pretty much non-stop for about an hour. I was a big ball of sweat by the time they halved the group, sitting the other half in the middle of the rink, and watched each of us a little more closely to see how we did with stride, cross overs, balancing on one foot, and stopping.

After a demo of the team doing what they do, we all got back onto the rink and had a game of 'mats'. It's the same as musical chairs, but instead of chairs, there are small, very worn, squares of carpet. There are fewer carpet squares than people, of course, so when the music stops, whoever isn't on a mat has to leave the floor. I managed to stay in the game right until the end when I was one of just two girls going for one mat! I couldn't believe it! *grin*

I took a couple of good falls on my bum diving for the mats, but had only one fall while we were skating. The sliding falls onto my bum are already making my tail bone suffer, but I had one 'good' fall where I went down onto one knee (wearing knee pads, of course) and I managed to avoid hitting the floor. My legs are already really sore. What's the bet that tomorrow I can barely walk. Heh.

Training starts next week, and we'll learn more, such as how to fall properly and how to play the game. I can't wait. I'm really excited about it. I've never really played competitive sport before, unless you count netball when I was a kid, so this is very exciting for me.

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My life has been interesting, of late - 05:35 PM
(filed under 'general')

Boy has my life been interesting, of late. Like train wreck interesting.

Smiley is going to school.

The decision was not mine to end his home education. His dad said he would take it to child welfare if I didn't agree to send him to school. I wasn't willing to put Smiley through the emotional trauma of a court case and the extreme likelihood of me losing him (the courts are very biased against home education) over school, no matter how important it was to me. Some things aren't worth the fight. Pick your battles, you know?

I hate almost every moment of what's involved with him going to school, but he's doing fine. I may go into more detail about this at some point.

DO NOT tell me how he'll do really well at school and it'll be good for him. I don't want to hear well-meaning, 'Oh, he'll make lots of little friends!' He was doing really well at home education, it was good for him, and he already had lots of little friends, thankyouverymuch.

My goal, since he was an infant, to home educate him for at least the first three years of his school life has been rudely taken away from me. I'm very angry about it and I will be angry about it for a very long time.

On a much more pleasant note: I have a new boyfriend. We've been seeing each other for about 5 months. He's really sweet. I like him a lot. *smile*

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It's been so long! - 04:45 PM
(filed under 'general')

I've had a couple of you email me asking where I've been. Heh. :-P

Sorry, all. I've been a slack bum. I've been busy being social, mostly, since I've had spare time while Smiley's been spending time with his dad. I've been missing him heaps, only seeing him a few days a week, but aside from that, I've been well.

This social life thing. Wow. I'd forgotten what it was like. LOL! *chuckle*

Not really much to say at this point, but I'll update again when I have something even remotely interesting to say. *smile*

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So much going on in the past two weeks - 12:06 PM
(filed under 'general')

So it's been two and a half weeks since I updated ferrousland. Naughty me. *wink*

A lot has happened in that time. Some of the happenings, and the repercussions of those happenings, or perhaps more correctly, my reaction to those happenings, has meant no updates for ages.

This is going to be a long entry, so if you're interested, keep reading.

there's more, read the rest »»

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Smell pretty without chemicals - 07:02 PM
(filed under 'linky lurrve')

There's a new blog post over at Earth and Body Friendly: How to smell nice without chemicals. You don't need chemical underarm deodorants.

Remember to comment over there at Earth and Body Friendly. Thanks! *smile*

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I gave blood today - 04:55 PM
(filed under 'linky lurrve')

Today I gave blood, since I saw the blood van right near me and I had the time. I wrote about it at Earth and Body Friendly, with some tips on making the experience pleasant: how not to give blood.

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I'm on Twitter - 08:56 PM
(filed under 'general')

I don't think I've ever mentioned it here, so in case you don't already know, I'm on Twitter. As @ferrous of course.

If you're on Twitter, too, feel free to follow me and make sure you @ reply me to say 'Hi'! *smile*

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Dogs and cats - 12:22 PM
(filed under 'general')

I have a long-held theory that not only are there dog people and cat people, as in those who prefer dogs and those who prefer cats, but dog people and cat people in the sense that some people are like dogs and some are like cats.

I am a dog. I'm a very open person. I'll meet someone and if we get along well, within 5 minutes they may know half of my life story. I really get into the things that I really get into. I'm passionate and enthusiastic and physically expressive. There is no mystery with me.

I'm even more so like a dog in regard to relationships. When I get attached to someone, I do it with my whole self: I don't hold back. When I like someone, I like them a lot. If I like you and you go away from me, one day apart seems like a lifetime, and when you come back I'm all over you like I haven't seen you for years.

(Actually, there is one way that in which I'm like a cat. I love having my back scratched and I'll start squirming and stretching and almost even purring if someone gives me a good back scratch. But that's beside the point.)

Cat people seem to be more haughty and distant. They hold back. If they decide they like you, then they'll let you know, but they usually don't jump all over you straight away. They're a little bit mysterious and you usually find out all about them just a little bit at a time as they sparingly choose to share tidbits of their life pre-knowing you.

I'm a dog through and through. Aside from the back scratching thing, I'm about as far from being a cat as you can get.

Do you think my theory is valid? How about you? Cat or dog? Leave a comment to share your thoughts. *smile*

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Proper case - 06:14 PM
(filed under 'general')

You may have noticed that last post was written using all proper case. I started out ferrousland using all lower case mainly due to laziness, but then it became a style. However, since I've been writing for my other site, Earth and Body Friendly (which is not just a personal blog like this one, but has a more professional focus) and since I've been using my iPhone (which autocorrects to proper case), I've started using proper case in some places. I was getting confused switching between the two styles, but now I've been leaning towards proper case for everything.

So that was the official change from all lower case to proper case on ferrousland and everywhere. *smile*

I might even change it in the navigation, categories, etc, one day. *shrugs*

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What makes a geek a geek? - 06:12 PM
(filed under 'general')

I've referred to myself as a geek for a few years. Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm not as geeky as some, but I think there are a few things which qualify me as a card-carrying geek:

- I've created and maintained my own webcams/blogs/websites for many years.
- I love coding. Even though my brain turned to mush when I was pregnant with my boy and hasn't yet recovered, meaning I haven't coded for years, I still love PHP. I even tried some BASIC way back when I won a Commodore 64 at a skating rink competition when I was 11. That was fun. *smile*
- I worked as a website developer and was paid to put my hands inside the guts of computers regularly.
- I'm not fully into sci-fi, but I do enjoy some Dr Who (and perhaps even more so, Torchwood), I love The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and I loved Firefly.
- Most of my friends are geeks.

I've also realised that most of my serious relationships have been with geeks: my ex-husband is a geek; my previous boyfriend is a bit of a geek; my current boyfriend is a full on geek (and a very cute one, at that. *grin*).

Since I've been using Twitter more, I've tended to follow geeky types, because I enjoy what they talk about and link to. Lately, I've been reading a few articles about geek girls and I just started thinking what exactly is it that makes a geek a geek? Not just girls, but geek boy or girl.

I suspect it's more than just one thing. Any type of person might do or be one or two of the things on this possible list of geeky things, but that doesn't necessarily classify them as a geek, right? Perhaps it's having a few core geeky values, combined with some lesser-ranking geek traits.

So what do you think makes a geek a geek? What can you suggest that would go on this list of geek traits?

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